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The Focus-Driven Journey

The Focus-Driven Journey

Discover How to Cut Through Confusion and Find Growth Opportunities at Every Stage of Your Business

Ever get stuck in analysis paralysis trying to figure out which tactics are right for your business, where you should show up for your buyers, and the best direction to take? Those question marks can stunt your progress if you let them.

With this fast yet mighty exercise, you'll unfreeze your brain and quickly identify the areas of your business most ripe with opportunities. Talk about an awesome kick in the pants of motivation!

I'll Show You How to Seamlessly Weave Together What You Already Have Available, Giving You Clarity While Spurring Sales

Ever take a step back, look at your business, and feel completely overwhelmed with all you have to do? You're not alone. That overwhelm can quickly lead to confusion, derailing your focus, and getting you further away from your goals.

But here's what I know to be true — You have something brilliant to sell. I'll show you how to laser in on what to do and when so that results follow.

Instead of creating content with your fingers crossed hoping something will come of all that hard work (nobody has time for that), you'll know exactly where to put your time and resources. No more question marks!

The Focus-Driven Journey is for the badass (but equally busy) business owner who's ready to push past stagnant sales and finally get seen.

You'll Learn a Crazy Effective 3-Step Process for Catching the Eye of Red Hot Leads — and Then Converting Them Into Raging Fans

Step 1: Gather Insights

You already have Google Analytics, email marketing data, or insights from platforms like MemberVault. I'll show you how to take that data and pinpoint what's going on inside your buyer's head, so you can easily decipher what to say and what to sell.

Step 2: Get Organized

Take all the information you have at your disposal — you know, the stuff you wish you knew how to decipher — and use it to tell a stronger story. Not sure where to start? I've got you covered. I'll show you an easier method for organizing these insights to drive your business.

Step 3: Analyze + Implement

Not sure where to start after pulling together all that data? This is where the magic happens. Inside The Focus-Driven Journey, I'll show you how to uncover revenue-generating opportunities, so you can start pushing your revenues up and your costs down.

Whaddya Say We Simplify Marketing While Simultaneously Hitting the Revenue Accelerator

6 Modules

Where Are Your Buyers Hanging Out Online?

Want to get a quick glimpse into what your buyer is thinking and doing when searching for what you offer? Click in, open a Google doc, and get started pulling insights together in minutes. 

Swipe This Buyer Blueprint

Get the templates needed to prepare yourself for an in-depth customer journey mapping exercise (no prior experience or special expertise required. I've got ya covered).

Step 1: Research the Journey

Get more familiar with what's happening at each stage of your buyer's journey, so you know where and how to show up (and avoid wasting time on platforms that aren't fueling your business).

Step 2: Organize the Journey

This won't be another exercise that gathers dust. Discover how to maximize conversations, analytics, and lead information to keep moving your buyers to work with you. Yep, the ROI on this baby is big. 

Step 3: Analyze + Implement

Discover how to show up at each stage of the funnel, track that experience with your customers, and learn new opportunities for helping clients progress with you. I'll show you how to automate the experience while also personalizing each interaction, so you can prevent leads from dropping out of your realm and gently move them to become raving fans.

BONUS: Batching Content for Every Stage of the Journey

As a bonus for building your focus-driven journey, you're getting rewarded with an easy process for batching content at each stage of the journey. Move from hating to create content to loving the experience it delivers with this FUN 3-step process. 

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