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The Focus-Driven Biz

The Focus-Driven Biz

Ready to Put Those Ideas in Your Head Into Action? You're in the Right Place.

The Focus-Driven Biz signature course was built to bring clarity and confidence to anyone feeling uninspired, frustrated, burnt out, overwhelmed, or anxious in business. This focused growth framework will help you make more strategic decisions while you build your business and spur your success.

Do you feel like you live in the land of ideas, but when it comes time to talk to your customers, things fall a little ... flat? Even though you're excited about what you're creating, you're struggling to generate that same enthusiasm from the people you're marketing to — and that has you feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and like you're drowning in a sea of syrup.

That struggle? It's no way to build a business.

Hi, I'm Kimberly, your biggest cheerleader, advocate, and supporter on this journey.

I started my first business 7 years ago when I propelled myself into the entrepreneurial world with a copywriting agency. Since then, I've worked with over a hundred entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes helping create better experiences between people in all roles. 

I also go by the name "mom." With a 2 and 4-year old at home, I'm no stranger to wild and crazy seasons of life. The sleepless nights, unpredictable routines, and constant interruptions (even when you have childcare) make it mission-critical to run a more focus-driven business.

Along my entrepreneurial journey, I've learned a thing or two about productivity, growth, and building incredible experiences that make people want to come back time and again. Now, I want to help you do the same with this signature offering — The Focus-Driven Biz.

Here's What's Waiting For You Inside:

  • How to stop questioning your every move and instead progress with confidence. The guesswork will end and you'll start moving ahead in a way that feels good. Better yet, you'll create things you know your audience wants, which will make it that much easier to offer.
  • How to design a business that works around your schedule even if you're at home with your kids and no childcare. Your business needs YOU as the fuel, and to maintain a healthy level of productivity (emphasis on the word HEALTHY), you need systems and processes that realistically fit inside your world.
  • How to put excuses to the side by making business feel more attainable — even the tech issues that often times trip us up and stunt our growth.
  • How to execute because so much of business is about DOING but so many people get stuck in the THINKING. 

Included with this is a full workbook and videos to guide you along the way.

8 Modules

Module 1: Purpose + Problem

Learn how to tap into the ACTUAL problem you solve and WHY you're showing up daily to solve it using a three-pronged waterfall approach.

Module 2: Customers + Collaborators

One of the most important things you can do for your business is getting to know the people who fuel it. Yes, you know yourself, but you’re only a small part of the equation. Your customers. Your partners in selling. They’re the ones who will put dollars in your bank account and get you to a place where you can support your family, have the flexibility to play with your family more often, and power your engines. 

Module 3: Products + Paychecks

Do you know how you're going to make money? It might not be as clear cut as it seems on the surface. This module breaks down the math and offers innovative ideas to help you earn more.

Module 4: Systems + Simple Funnels

You've got your ideas and are ready to start making money. Now, where do you start?

Module 5: Implementation

You have the idea. Now it's time to move towards implementation mode — and it might not be as complicated or technologically complex as you might think.

BONUS: Content Prompts + Multipliers

BONUS: Website Building Checklist

BONUS: Copywriting Templates

Modules for this product 8
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