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Ready for more out of life (but not more on your to-do list)? You're in the right place...

I'm Kimberly — toddler mom, glamping fanatic, and (obviously) business owner! I help time-strapped entrepreneurs jumpstart their business online thru courses, content, and copywriting. 

I started The Focus-Driven Biz after having hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of conversations with entrepreneurs about running a business. The common thread? A struggle to juggle family and work. 

Too often, we get stuck in cycles that don't fuel ourselves OR our business. Instead of operating with focus, we try to multitask our way through life by resorting to shiny object syndrome or haphazardly cobbling something together. My goal is to help put a stop to that cycle, empowering you by building a foundation for growth and yes, freeing you up of wasted time so you can do more of what you love with who you love most in this world. 

Get ready to be a business badass by lasering in your focus and scaling your growth. Explore these resources, courses, and done-for-you services to get the momentum you've been craving in your business! 

Available Products

Free Resource Hub

Download, print, and prioritize your business in under 30-minutes with this FREE quarterly business planning template and then discover a powerful framework for implementing those ideas in the webinar: How to Start or Jumpstart Your Business Online

The Focus-Driven Journey

Ever get stuck in analysis paralysis trying to figure out which tactics are right for your business, where you should show up for your buyers, and the best direction to take? Those question marks can stunt your progress if you let them.

With this fast yet mighty exercise, you'll unfreeze your brain and quickly identify the areas of your business most ripe with opportunities. Talk about an awesome kick in the pants of motivation!

The Focus-Driven Customer Experience

It's time to give your audience more. More fun. More energy. More fuel to tackle that nagging little problem you know better than anyone else how to tackle.

But don't let that fool ya. Giving more to the experience doesn't require you to give more time and resources of yourself. When done right, creating a crazy good experience with your business can ease the weight off your shoulders. This mini-course will show you how.

The Content Creation Resource Pack

Your content can't work without you showing up, right? But dang if showing up isn't crazy hard these days! The creative effort it takes to keep producing is draining — so much so that experts are now pushing for a change in how we create.

In the Content Creation Resource Pack, you'll get the modern tech, strategies, and templates to support you when you know you need more content but don't know where to start in the creation process.

The Focus-Driven Biz

Look at you stud muffin! You're committing to your big idea and you're ready to bring that brilliance to life! The only thing missing? A support network to navigate every detail, nuance, and teensy-tiny piece in getting your ideas out into the world.

This is the program for those business owners packing big ideas who want to make a lasting impact. In The Focus-Driven Biz, you'll learn how to work quickly, effectively, and powerfully — and you'll do it with regular coaching calls, a Bootcamp style approach, and a community of others on the same focused journey

The Focus-Driven Month

Reduce overwhelm while advancing your business — and do it with an experienced accountability partner working alongside you for 30-days.

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